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Experience Jojoo Calligraphy

Create something amazing!

“Words are the voices of your heart. Calligraphy is a picture of it.”

- Old Chinese Proverb

Make your own Japanese calligraphy artworks, using the highest quality tools and materials, in a professional artist's studio surrounded by nature and overlooking Noto's beautiful 5 colour sea.

The course offers an experience of authentic Japanese calligraphy in a professional artist's studio and the use of its top quality tools and materials. Assisted and guided by Jojoo calligrapher Ayane Muroya, you get to create and experiment freely, to express yourself in whatever way you choose. Whether drawing something abstract or lifelike pictures, whether writing down your dreams and goals or your own name in Japanese or English, you will be using real Sumi ink, handmade brushes and Noto washi paper to make your very own masterpieces and incredible memories to take home with you and treasure.

Sticking out into the sea of Japan, at the very middle of the country's northern and southernmost points, lies the Noto peninsula. Famous for its beautiful landscapes and traditional way of life, it could well be described as the heart of Japan. For generations, the people of Noto have lived and worked in harmony with their surroundings. A local saying states: In Noto, not only the people but the land itself is kind.


The Atelier Tokarin sits on a hill overlooking the Goshikigahama beach (Five Colour Beach) and a part of the sea of Japan that the locals say, changes colour five times a day. Surrounded by nature and, on a clear day, with a stunning view of the Tateyama mountain range across the water, it is a perfect place to come and be inspired.

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