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About the Courses

The course offers an experience of authentic Japanese calligraphy in a professional artist's studio and the use of its top quality tools and materials. Assisted and guided by Jojoo calligrapher Ayane Muroya, you get to create and experiment freely, to express yourself in whatever way you choose. Whether drawing something abstract or lifelike pictures, whether writing down your dreams and goals or your own name in Japanese or English, you will be using real Sumi ink, handmade brushes and Noto washi paper to make your very own masterpieces and incredible memories to take home with you and treasure.

Jojoo Calligraphy Course in English

Students get a short introduction to the materials and basic techniques (approximately 10minutes) and are then free to experiment and get creative, as well as to ask questions or get assistance from Jojoo calligrapher Ayane Muroya. Using real Suzuri plates, Sumi ink and handmade brushes, each student can use up to 10 sheets of practice paper and can then pick 1 sheet of Nigyo and 1 sheet of Kyuden washi paper, on which to create their final works.

Duration Time : 120mins 

(morning class : 10:00-12:00, afternoon class 14:00-16:00)

Capacity : up to 10 Students

Cost : ¥5,000 (tax included) per person

Payment : cash only

Please book in advance.

Holidays: closed during the winter season (November-March)


For booking and inquires, please use the contact details below.

We are closed during the winter season (November - March)

Please check Schedule for available dates.

Thank you.

Atelier Tokarin

13-22-3 Uchiura Nago, Noto-Cho, Hosu-Gun,

Ishikawa, 927-0608, Japan

Tel. +81(0)768-72-0474

Thank you for sending!

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